NATURAL Bloom at Home Diffuser

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NATURAL Bloom at Home Diffuser

Handmade natural sola flower that gradually changes color over time. Thanks to specially selected essential oils, the scent of natural flowers will revive in every room

Beautifully scented Sola flower

Aroma: top-quality mix of natural fragrances used in the Garden Botanica line.

The product was created to beautify the smell and view of home and office rooms. It can also serve as an aesthetic value.

High-temperature resistance gives the possibility of use in hot climates. The long evaporation time allows you to enjoy up to 60 days.

Hand-made sola flower which gradually changed color as time went by captivated the hearts of every passer-by. And Garden Botanica makes it to this day leaving an incomparable fairy-tale feeling. The flowery fragrance spreads akin to vines to all accessible places. The product is based on natural oils of French origin.

Header/label: 100ml glass bottle, sole flower made by hand from a natural product

The raw material is FSC-certified and PEFC-certified, which ensures care for ecology and responsible forest management. Approved for contact with food.

100% product made in Poland

raw materials from the EU only

The flower is hand made from natural sola flower